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18) ifasituk 
Glinojeck Location
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17) uqeheqep 
Biecz Location
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16) owazuka 
Gniewkowo Location
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15) abahafi 
Głogówek Location
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14) J.R. Luksik  Male
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A very nice collection to be proud of.
13) Ron Carbaugh 
Kerrville,TX Location
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John I am very impressed with your Collection. Since I worked for American Honda for 25 years I get invited to see a lot of nice bikes, but yours are some of the best. I have to say that I was so impressed of the finished work and paint of all your bikes. I see a lot of NOS and restored bikes that just are not nice. Your bikes are beautiful, ready to ride and you built them and can tell me anything about any bike.....this is unusual. If I had room in my Collection you have two bikes I would really .ike to own. We will stay in touch. Ron Carbaugh
12) James Alaimo  Male
South Florida Location
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Exceptional work. Love that VFR700 in particular. Never had one, but always admired them. Had a 500 Interceptor not in the same league.
11) Brian 
Durban South Africa Location
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Monday, 26 January 2015 10:39 Host: Write a comment

Hi John you have a great collection. I have following in mine:

1962 Honda CB77
1963 BSA 250
1971 Honda CB750K0/1
1973 Honda SS50 Sport
1978 Honda CBX1000Z
2005 Honda Repsol Fireblade
2013 Honda Repsol Fireblade
2007 Honda ST1300
2013 Honda CB1100A

My CBX is original and unrestored I had it since new when I bought it in August 1978 as part of the first model release, I assembled it myself and it has never once been serviced by a Honda service center, I do all the work myself, currently Im restoring my CB750 that I also have had since new in early 1971, Best regards, PS am on Facebook so we can hookup there if you like!
Brian Hudson
Fort Walton Beach, Florida Location
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Monday, 1 December 2014 23:53 Host: Write a comment

I met John while he was riding his immaculate 1979 CBX. John invited me over to see his collection in person and his garage is a mini-museum of literally better than new iconic motorcycles. His CBX's are of course my favorites and every one of them are cleaner/nicer/more detailed and truly better than new. He is currently restoring a first generation CB100 Goldwing and I was fortunate enough to give him a little bit of help one day removing the gas tank. John is a straight forward stand up kind of mans man, and motorcycle guy that says what he means and means what he says. John rides all of his bikes on a regular basis and when he invited me over to ride with him it was both a privilege and a pleasure. I started out riding his 1981 CBX and it blew me away how smooth and perfect it is. He knew I wanted to ride the 1979 CBX and I must say that I am in love again! WOW! what a bike. I'm sure it has something to do with it being my first bike I was ever in love with, but his example is better than I remember mine ever being! In fact it is better than new, with countless hours spent polishing and than clear coating all the aluminum and any other part than could be polished. Silky smooth six with a matching perfectly shifting tranny and oh-so-sweet CBX six sound.I ended the day with a ride on CBR1000 Hurricane. I again was impressed with a bike that was just like new.
9) steve 
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i recently bought the 1986 honda vf1000r from John. it was very simple and easy to work with him while i considered the purchase. he answered every email and phone call in a timely manner and was very straight forward and honest. the bike arrived just as he described. i wish all of my business transactions were as smooth and transparent as this motorcycle purchase. i hghly recommend buying a bike from John.
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